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The Departed

Good, But Falls Short of the Original
JayFilmCrave - wrote on 12/04/07

First of all, I should say that I have seen the original film on which this was based and I have to say that based solely on watching this film, I really think Martin Scorsese should give his oscar up. Now before people go and shoot me, watch the original and you'll be able to understand some of the issues I have with getting an oscar for a remake. If Scoresese completely changed shots in this film and found ways that made me think it was incredible, I would have absolutely no problem giving him the oscar and giving this film 4 stars. It is an incredibly well made film in many respects, but it doesn't differentiate in very many ways from the original that actually make it a more interesting film. The one way I did think it was better was it only had one love interest for both men, whoever thought of doing this, I have to give him or her a congratulatory "bravo."
Some people may say that it is unfair to compare the two, but honestly, when there are two, people compare. Books made into movies are always compared, tv series that are remade are always compared, even bands who make more than one album are compared to themselves! It's unfair to say I shouldn't compare them.
Scorsese by all accounts is an absolutely brilliant director. He's done so many great things it's hard to count them all, but I don't think this was the film that should've won him Best Director. A good portion of this movie is shot for shot, virtually identical to the original, and where it isn't, it's usually not better.
Story is great, actors are incredible, but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth after seeing the original.

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