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Kalpesh Prajapati - wrote on 07/23/15

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Spy – Rating 7 out of 10

Melissa McCarthy has done it again! Those who have watched Identity Thief would be aware that her comic timing is really good.

The story isn’t new but at least there is freshness in its treatment. The role reversal of McCarthy & Statham works in its favour.

We have watched Jason Statham play the tough macho kind of roles but how many knew that his comic timing is equally good. It is a delight to see him in this different role of a dumb-ass sidekick.

The dialogues are sharp and funny – add Jason’s dialogue delivery to it and they become hilarious.

McCarthy does not only deliver an excellent performance but also manage to convincingly play the role of a spy. A special mention for the direction to show McCarthy’s past which makes us believe in everything that’s happening on screen.

The James-bond style gadgets are funny and so is the climax scene

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