Robby Kronemeyer's Movie Review of Inception

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A Movie. A Myth. A Masterpiece.
Robby Kronemeyer - wrote on 04/24/15

This is Nolan's best. I had always said Dark Knight was his best film, but this movie proved me wrong. This movie is damn near flawless. And looking at the premise of it all, it looks impossible that a movie like this would be perfect, but somehow it is.
I would like to preface this by saying I love DiCaprio, and I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But my 2 favorite performances in this movie come from Tom Hardy at number 2, and Ellen Page as my favorite.
Aside from the ending, this movie will have you believing that she is the main character if you think about it. It can easily be misconstrued that this movie is about her unlocking not only the secrets of Inception, but the secrets of Cobb (DiCaprio) as well. Obviously the ending indicates this is not true as it's all about Cobb, but regardless it really is Page who shines.
I never really took Tom Hardy seriously before. But he proved me wrong in this one. His performance wasn't as good as DiCaprio's, but he did surprise me with just how good he really was in this movie, It also may have to do with the fact he was a supporting character but I digress.
This is one movie that will have you questioning reality and have you thinking hours or even days after the movie's over. Those movies that go beyond just the screen are the movies that go down as the best in history
Nolan's signature style with the dark tones and amazing visuals are still seen in this movie. This is one of the best movies from one of the best directors ever. If he never tops this movie, his legacy is firmly in the record books and will be remembered for years to come.

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