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The Dark Knight

"THE" Superhero Movie
Robby Kronemeyer - wrote on 04/21/15

This is not only one of the greatest comic book films ever. This is also one of MY favorite movies ever (largely because of Ledger). It is largely performance based which is uncommon for superhero movies. Heath Ledger as the Joker is brilliant. It is my favorite performance in a movie ever. This capitalizes on the brilliance that was Batman Begins, and adds to it going darker than ever before. There are some problems I have with it as there are with all movies. These include the fight scenes where Batman looks like he's moving to different poses instead of fighting. It looks like he's a robot just moving from point a to point b without any fluent motion. And there are some points in the movie that drone on for a little to long, but for the most part this movie goes from scene to scene very well. Ledger's brilliance as the Joker almost has you cheering him and his charisma gives this movie a whole new depth it wouldn't have without him. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent is great for the most part, he has some points where i think he struggles to convey the right emotions especially in his facial expressions. Once again Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan work as a great team to bring us yet another re-watchable movie that kick started the popularity of the superhero sub-genre. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and many others in supporting roles all brought us this masterpiece that showed that superhero films can be dark and gritty and still be successful. (as a side note i didn't think Maggie Gyllenhaal was very good in this movie, I think she lacked interest or something, because we know she can put on good performances, but she wasn't very convincing in this movie.)

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Robby Kronemeyer - wrote on 04/23/15 at 10:54 AM CT

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Yes it is strange my first review would be a movie that isn't even the first in it's series, but I really love this movie for what it is and I had to pick a movie I truly loved to be my first review.

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