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Run All Night

An Excellent March Action Film
Randy - wrote on 03/21/15

Run All Night is the third collaboration between director Jaume Collet-Serra and Liam Neeson (the first two being Unknown and Non-Stop) and this may be their strongest film yet. The movie has a fairly strong cast composed of Neeson, Ed Harris, Joel Kinnaman and several other strong actors in the supporting cast like Vincent D'Onofrio and Common. Run All Night is a action film that is as classic as they come. Neeson is a character you generally care about and he is vulnerable at points in the movie where in the last installments in the Taken series it seemed as if he was invincible. Ed Harris also has a strong performance in the film and its nice to see him as the evil one as it seems like he is normally a good guy in most cases. However, one of may problems with the film is that there are two many important players in the film. You get the Mafia, the police, and an assassin all at once and although that's pretty cool there are points where it seems like it too much. Still its well worth checking out and its a rare March theatre gem. If you are a fan of action movies this movie is a safe bet.

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