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Flight (2012)

Excellent movie !
ikkegoemikke - wrote on 05/15/18

Top class. An excellent film about the struggle of a person who is fighting against his addiction. The plane crash is actually not the main topic of the film. It’s only there to lure people to the cinema because it looks so spectacular. The SE department has also been able to flex its muscles. Is this the only thing that fascinates you ? Well I’m sure you’ll the rest is just too soft.

But the strength of this film is the other main topic with the admirable performance of Denzel Washington who realistically represents the archetype of an alcoholic. For people who experienced the same thing and found themselves in such a phase, there are many points that are so characteristic and recognizable. Others will call it a fake alcoholic or that it’s just a pathetic hassle about addiction.

Denzel Washington shows what such a person needs to go through : the shame, a dissolute life, realizing they have a problem, the helpless feeling and the lack of strength to fight it and to resist the urge. These are small things that indicate that Denzel has studied the matter. Like knowing up to the minute how long he has been sober. The feeling of guilt and shame at an AA meeting. And then leaving the meeting with the attitude that only losers are sitting there. And then, there’s the hand coming back into the picture just to take that bottle. Asking a colleague at a funeral to lie a little bit, shows how low such a person can sink.

The fact that he’s the pilot who can keep a plane under control during a crash in such a way that the number of victims remains limited, is just a lever to reveal his years of drinking. He might as well have driven a three-wheeler against a lamppost to achieve the same result, but those images would not be so spectacular. And trust me, the end isn’t moralizing but shows how someone still can change his life and at the same time that of those who surround him.

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