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Mr. Bean's Holiday

Cleverly put together film
ikkegoemikke - wrote on 03/08/18

Gosh, I really liked watching Mr. Bean in the past. I had a few videotapes I watched endlessly. And Mr.Bean’s Holiday is just a continuation of that period. I enjoyed the subtle, visually strong jokes and situations enormously. Despite the fact that this little, clumsy fellow always makes me nervous because it goes wrong every time. He misses a train. He misses a bus. His ticket gets stuck to the leg of a chicken. The chicken runs away of course. Or he’s hitchhiking along the road for a long time already and then he gets locked up in a cabin. And that’s when eighty cars, a bus and a van passes that spot. And so on. And so on. And yet I can’t resist looking further and chuckling about this.

My favorite scenes:
1. On the TGV:
Hostess: “Café?”
Bean: “Oui”
Hostess “Avec sucre”
Bean “Non”
Hostess: “You speak very good French”
Bean “Grazias”
2. The musical mime on the village square. Magnificent.
3. The dinner in the chic restaurant with the oysters and longines
4. The persons in Mr.beans phone list

Cleverly put together film again. Only the end in Cannes was a bit exaggerated with Willem Dafoe, but the final scene on the beach was a brilliant ending. Karel Roden (from “The Bourne Supremacy“) had a surprising role and Emma de Caunes was perfectly casted.
Top-movie for me !

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