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An action SF comedy (without comedy afterall)
ikkegoemikke - wrote on 03/23/15

Roy Pulsipher: I'm what they used to call a lawman. Marshall Roysephus Pulsipher.
Nick: Roysephus?
Roy Pulsipher: It was considered a very sexy name at the time.
Nick: Sounds like an STD

The only thing I can say about this movie is that this is a less successful copy of "MIB" with a touch of "Ghostbusters" (also a port that is opened up) and as theatrical as "Ghost". The widow has a feeling that the old Chinese could be the reincarnation of Nick, who wants to contact her .... yep ... sigh.

There are a few comical action moments with the non-living who, by the way, all look like Mr. Hyde out of the Van Helsing movie. Besides that there are not much funny moments anymore. The quote stated in the beginning was the only moment that made ​​me smile. It feels all the time as a dreadful comedy-show with forced jokes and supported by a laugh track to lift it to a higher level. Bridges started to get on my nerves after a while with his unintelligible drivel. It seemed like he was constantly chewing something.

The identity they took and in what form an ordinary mortal saw them, was however quite original. The combination of these two sometimes gave it a comic effect. Only they could have used this aspect a bit more.
Zero content, the denouement was rather simplistic (so much effort to collect all that gold and that effort is neutralized in a micro-second) and my general feeling during the movie was the fight against closing eyes and realizing that watching at the wall would be as exciting ....

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