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The Impossible

Impressive film !
ikkegoemikke - wrote on 02/11/15

An impressive, breathtaking, haunting and frightening movie that I surely won't forget. A very realistic picture about the devastating force that a tsunami can cause and it demonstrates how tiny we human beings are despite our high-tech knowledge when facing natural phenomena .
The title of the movie on its own is already a whopper of a spoiler, but personally I would rather just see this small miracle about a whole family surviving this disaster instead of seeing a movie about the thousands who didn't survive. "Youtube" is full of tragic films,pictures and photos of victims. That this movie was overflown (sorry...) with a Hollywood sauce is perfectly normal. Had they filmed it as realistic as in reality, this would have been the most sickening movie nobody is waiting for. That's why they left out half of the real story.
You could predict it would be a very emotional movie. I'm not a sensitive person, but at times I found it pretty difficult to keep it dry (How appropriate).
Nevertheless, some annoying things for me personally:
- They could have shown how the father and his 2 little sons managed to survive it
- The moment they missed out on each other at the hospital was a bit exaggerated
- Maybe the father really did this, but I can't understand how he could leave those two little toddlers behind. I am a father and I would never leave my 2 little kids behind after surviving a calamity like this.
Watts and McGregor did some superb acting. But the biggest achievement was made by the three sons. Especially Tom Holland. Admirable performance.


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