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The Void

So many Voids so littl.....What the huh?
Stoney McStonerson - wrote on 04/08/17

The Void starts out with a pretty promising 15 minutes but it becomes bogged down for most of the middle with only an all out "Trippy Orgy of Bizarre" final act to keep it from sinking totally into the Abyss of forgettable Horror films. Void is ultimately done in by poor acting by the lead and too many idiotic choices made by all the characters. I kept having the feeling that a scene got missed by me or the film makers. This could have been a much better film with more believable Writing and Acting. I respect the Homage the Directors shows for past Fulci and Carpenter films and the film does have spurts of some genuine tense, creepy moments but they are not built on and scene by scene meanders and suffers through infuriating character choices. Not even some nifty gross out scenes can help enough.
Bizarro, Cult, Demonic....A Hodgpodge of ideas that aren't done all that well.

My grade 2 Joints

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