CJP's Movie Review of Babylon A.D.

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Babylon A.D.

CJP - wrote on 10/08/08

Action: 1.5/3 + Comedy: 0/2 + Good vs Evil: 0.5/1 + Love/Sex: 0/1 + Special Effects: 0.5/1 + Plot: 1/1 + Music: 0/1 = 3.5/10 or 35%.

A rogue mercenary is hired to transport a genetically engineered version of the Virgin Mary, named Aurora, and her martial arts expert of a nun-guardian to America. The purpose is that the girl will have a virgin birth which will initiate that the Neolite religion, which is never explained or explored, become the most dominate in the world.

Explaining all this is time consuming and burdonsome, but not nearly as burdensome as sitting through and awaiting this mess to end. It is obviously a sci-fi version of the Jesus story, the mercenary even gets his palms pierced to reference Jesus' death, and then he's brought back to life and given a robotic hand ala Luke Skywalker. While it is important that classic stories, particularly religious ones, are presented in new ways it is also important that they be tolerable and make sense. This does not and it should be avoided.

Similar yet far superior films you should watch instead: Children of Men, 28 Weeks Later, Bladerunner, the Fifth Element.

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