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Tropic Thunder

Downey does it again. Stiller who?
Owtkast - wrote on 08/27/08

If you haven't seen the movie, don't read the reviews here that give good stuff away. Prepare yourself to be surprised. It's worth it. This comedy has cured the disease that ruins 99% of funny movies... the plot. Most comedies run funny for the first 3/4 and the last part is a "we have to wrap up the plot" portion of the movie. This movie trumps that notion and keeps the laughs coming throughout. Downey Jr. steals the movie with his nonsensicle lines and hilarious dialogue. Not to underscore his fantastic non-verbal punchlines. Some of his facial expressions pulled in the funniest moments of the movie. I admit, I have never liked Jack Black in any movie, but he has THEEE best set of lines in this picture. The spoilers will tell you about awesome cameos that aren't really cameos but feature roles. Since this is spoiler free, just be prepared for some signature actors to put out some hilarious performances that you would never see coming. After the hilarity is over, just enjoy the first part of the credits then roll. There's nothing else after the credits (I know, I waited). All in all, one of the truly best comedies I've seen in a long time. Don't think you've seen the best parts in the trailers. You've seen .01% of the best parts. Go see it and enjoy the nasty hilarity. **WARNING** This may be a "guy" movie. Ladies, be prepared to see this disc sitting on every guy's entertainment center you will ever date, for the rest of your life.

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