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Forrest Gump

Run Forrest run
Owtkast - wrote on 08/26/08

This film has everything that a person could want; action, romance, sentiment, comedy and yet people still slate it, I really don't understand! This is one of my favorite films of all time, and Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors of our generation in my opinion and so I find it very difficult to see why people dislike it so much. The storyline itself is great, it's brilliant in its simplicity - basically the story of a young boy's life, and the amazing things he does with it. Each character brings something else to the story that adds to its brilliance and all the actors in it play their parts with the utmost talent, especially Tom Hanks and Robin Wright. As many of my friends know, I often watch this film burning with fury at Wright's character Jenny and the way she treats her supposed best friend Forest, and that is the sign of a good actress; someone who can really make you feel emotion towards the character they are playing. The same principle can be adopted with Tom Hanks; the first time I saw him sitting on that famous bench at the beginning, I felt a lump in throat. You cannot help but like the character, and no-one could have played him as well as Tom Hanks did. This film is a masterpiece, and one of the few truly good films of recent years. It deserved every Oscar that it received and I suggest to all those who don't like it, you must be missing something, as in my view it is impossible to not enjoy this film

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