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PsychoKing1227 - wrote on 08/04/09

As far as I'm concerned, this film was incredible. Complex, intriguing, quite possibly the most heart-wrenching performance by Kate Winslet since "Revolutionary Road," "The Reader" is one truly brilliant film. Stephen Daldry took a book that was written rather sloppily and simplistically and transformed it into a [let's be honest] visually boring yet characteristically fascinating study of morals, affection, and judgement.
Taking a Nazi prison guard that allowed hundreds of women to burn alive in a church and making her a type of martyr and hero is not an easy task to undertake. Kate Winslet looks like my Mom, too, which made her acting all the more personal and affective. A great film that everyone will enjoy, should they be okay with a dragging second act and a constitution for terribly depressing endings.

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entertaining - wrote on 05/03/10 at 05:23 PM CT

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Great movie. I agree with all you have said

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