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The Lego Movie: Review And Easter Egg
Itchy_Rabbit - wrote on 02/28/14

Well, it seems like everyone has already seen The Lego Movie. So this review is probably just one of many.

I saw the movie over the weekend, and I thought it was pretty good. It had a nice message, and it had a lot if humor that the parents can enjoy, too.

One thing I liked: Everything was made from Legos. Now I know what you're thinking, “Well, duh.” But, would expect fire, water, and even smoke to be made completely out of Legos? I didn't, so I was pleasantly surprised. Also, the Legos did not “look” animated. They appeared to be actual Legos. They did not move in ways impossible for Legos, they just went to their Lego capabilities.

Another thing I noticed. At the beginning, Lord Business and Vitruvius fight over something called the “Kragle”. After Lord Business wins, the movie skips ahead eight-and-a-half years (you need to remember that number). It is then revealed later in the movie, that when Lord Business got the Kragle, he split all of the Lego worlds up, and stopped people from building creatively. He made everyone follow the instructions. Then, near the end of the movie, it is shown that the entire movie has been one child playing with Legos. The boy's father comes into the room (played by Will Ferrel) and tells his son to stop playing, and that he needs to put everything back where it goes. Everything needs to stay perfect. His child looks to be about eight-and-a-half years old (remember eight-and-a-half-years?) So it is only implied that Will Ferrel used to build whatever he wanted with his Legos, but when his son was born, he made all of the Legos organized and followed the instructions, probably b ause he didn't have time to play anymore.

This is my very first review. I hope you enjoyed!

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