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Ice Age: The Meltdown

Not a lot to keep adult's interest
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/18/08

Three unlikely friends, "Sid the Land Sloth" (voiced by John Leguizamo), "Manford 'Manny' the Wolly Mamoth" (voiced by Ray Ramono) and "Diego the Saber-tooth Tiger" (voiced by Dennis Leary) have discovered that the ice damn keeping the area they and other species live dry is melting. There claims are confirmed by a vulture.

The residents of this area go on a journey to a natural boat made out of a large tree for safety. Along the way, they meet "Ellie" (voiced by Queen Latifah), a female Wolly Mamoth who believes she is a possum, and her two "brothers", and actual possums, "Eddie" (voiced by Josh Peck) and "Crash" (voiced by Seann William Scott).

The group then go on an adventure to the boat, while trying to dodge predators that are following them.

Let me say first that this movie is very much a kids movie. There are a lot of things that kids will like, but the adults will find pretty boring.

A lot of times, this movie seems to drag and drag. I found myself looking more at my computer than paying attention as to what was going on on my television.

When it comes to humor, I can't say that it's a great comedy movie. In fact, the jokes either produced nothing or a mild chuckle. There was a pretty good laugh near the end of the movie, and some pretty good laughs with "Scrat the Saber-tooth Squirrel" (voiced by Chris Wedge). I just wasn't real amused with the movie's humor.

Another thing I was not impressed with was the music. I can barely remember two tunes, but none of the lyrics, except a little bit that was sung by one of the characters after the scene, because he found it catchy.

One thing I was pretty impressed with was the animation. Although the creatures were cartoonish looking, which was by design, they were well done. The detailing is not that great though, you only see any sense of movement of muscles with the mammoths. But, because this movie is target to kids, the didn't bring out the details that other movies have had.

I also think that the story itself was only fair -- maximum. There are numerous times where the movie begins to move at a slow snail's pace. During these scenes, like I said earlier, I found myself paying attention more to my computer. Kids really don't care about a story except for one that can keep their attention. I honestly can't give you an age limit on an audience for this movie. But, if you are in your tweens or above, I would say skip this movie.

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