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U.S. Marshals

Another fudgitive on the run
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/01/08

"US Marshal Sam Gerard" (Tommy Lee Jones) and his team is back, this time, they're after a government fugitive (Wesley Snipes). Aiding them this time is a young government operative (Robert Downy Jr.), who volunteered to join the manhunt since the fugitive is accused of killing two of his friends and co-workers.

The movie is a one long chase, but it lacks any good suspense that should make the audience hold its breath in anticipation. Snipes makes his character appear to be a formidable foe for "The Big Dog" (a nickname of Jones' character mentioned in "The Fugitive").

One thing that will make you hold your breath is what causes the initial escape which begins "Gerard's" pursuit. It is simply spectacular, with quick edits to catch the action. In fact, the entire movie is filled with great editing that makes you keep watching.

The cast is great, with a special nod to Snipes and especially Jones. In fact, those characters who came from "The Fugitive" gets more development in this film thanks to the focus on the film is more on them this time around. However, the one with the most development is "Gerard," since he's one of the two main characters.

Eventually, this movie turns into something other than a cop chases bad guy movie, which will keep you watching. When the change occurs, you will be pretty surprised. You will also be surprised when two of the major characters are not what they first appear to be.

With exception of the incident which puts "Gerard" and his team in pursuit of their fugitive, none of the scenes are visually spectacular. However, they are all set up by the director quite nicely. The locations seen in this film is also used nicely, but nothing spectacular.

Despite what the professional critics said about this movie, "US Marshals" is a good follow-up to one of the best movies based on a classic US television series made to date.

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