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The Girl Next Door (2004)

A pretty good movie
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/01/08

An ambitious high school senior (Emile Hirsch) meets the woman of his dreams -- the new girl next door (Elisha Cuthbert), who turns out to be a 19-year old who is trying to get out of the adult film industry. However, her former boyfriend and director (Timothy Olyphant) comes back into her life to try to pull her back into the business, and screw up her new man's dream of getting into Georgetown University.

This movie is a pretty good film, but it can't be compared to the better teen dealing with problems growing up films that you related to when you were a teen.

The acting in this movie is not bad at all. Most of the characters meld quite well. Cuthbert comes across as a sweetheart -- your typical girl next door type. Hirsch also stands out and is very believable in his role. And Olyphant does a good job in getting the viewer to hate his character.

You don't see a lot of the adult film industry in this movie. From what is in the movie, it's presented well and doesn't make it sleezy like other movies that have depicted that world.

One problem in this movie, in my opinion is that the two main characters fall in love way too fast. I would have liked to have seen the courtship last a little longer.

Another problem is that there are a few laughs in this movie. For the comedy bits that are in it, many will make you laugh out loud.

Overall, this movie is pretty good, but it will never leave the mark many teen movies from the 1980's did.

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