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The Last Man on Earth

Price carries a fair movie
The M.O.W. - wrote on 09/11/09

For three years, "Robert Morgan" (Vincent Price) has been trying to survive against those infected with a plague which has turned them into vampire-like zombies. It appears that he is somehow immune to the strange affliction.

During daylight, he goes out and kills those infected with hand-made stakes. Then, at night, he stays locked up in his house until the morning comes again as those infected try in vein to break into his home.

Once a scientist trying to find a cure for the disease, "Morgan" is now just trying to survive.

This is not the best movie I have seen recently. However, just to watch Price is worth it.

Price carries this movie for most of the film by himself. He is the focus for most of the story, and handles it well. The audience can hear his thoughts as he goes through the day, and it's done really well. Price uses his voice wonderfully in the voiceovers, and makes the movie pretty intriguing.

The big problem with this movie is that the infected are characterized as vampires. Yes, they are repulsed by the scent of garlic, and can't be in the sunlight. However, they can't stand looking at their reflection. Vampires, on the other hand, can not be seen in mirrors. They are more like zombies in my opinion.

The atmosphere is fairly creepy in this film. Many times, Price is the only person on camera. In many of these scenes they are inhanced by Price's voiceovers. You can feel how lonely his character is by not only his dialog, but how he performs on screen. With his movements, he shows a man who is desperate to survive, but is exhausted.

One problem in this film is the cast during flashback scenes. They are just not believable in these roles. A couple of the actors did not sound like they even tried to make their performances believable.

Another problem was the audio. During many scenes, the voices were obviously dubbed over.

The music and many camera angles really helped enhance the film. Sometimes the camera was limited to the space of the sets, but was used very well. The music really isn't memorable in this film, but helped enhance the scenes.

This movie is not scary at all. Just a little creepy. The violence is very mild due to the time it was produced. I would not suggest this for real young children who get creeped out easily.

It's not a perfect movie, but it is a pretty good time-waster.

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