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Don Jon

Who Can Stop Don Jon?
Leslie - wrote on 02/10/14

Don Jon is erotically scintillating. Joseph Gordon-Levitt captures the complete online porn hunter's experience. Everything from the euphoria inducing chime of a laptop’s greeting, to the hours of dedicated web surfing necessary to find the perfect clip, is exceptionally chronicled. The question remains: what force in heaven or earth could possibly deter a porn junkie’s addiction? The Catholic Church? Negative. Scarlett Johansson’s Barbara? As incredulous as it sounds, being that she is unquestionably, simultaneously fascinating and irresistible-not likely. What then?

If the notion that a true connection can break an addict’s dependence upon pornography (true meaning based on a deeper level of intimacy than just merely sexual), Don Jon is an intriguing exploration of that possibility. Even if there aren’t as many of these women to connect with out there, as there are porn hubs.

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