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Silver Bullet (1985)

A touching little eighties gem:Silver Bullet.
Monnie1976 - wrote on 09/01/13

A very good film that doesn't always get the appreciation it deserves. While certainly not without its flaws, Silver Bullet is an engaging and involving movie that makes you care about its two main characters. It also does a great job of examining the dynamic between the disabled brother and his big sister and the nuances of that relationship. While the special effects aren't always as good as they could be, the viewer can easily route for the lead character. There are several suspenseful moments, a few inspire a chuckle and a couple can even make you a little sad. Overall though, I think this is one of the better Stephen King adaptations and while its not a movie with a lot of technical savvy its a film with a lot of heart. Definitely worth seeing at least once.

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