Matthew Brady's Movie Review of Mass

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"You say you wanna heal, we all this how?"
Matthew Brady - wrote on 01/24/22

Mass - it's raw pain like this that I've seen/felt before. It's an "actors movie" and I honestly forgot they were acting. Every tear, outburst, and voice crack felt and sounded real. And yes, I cried, a lot.

Ann Dowd, Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, and Reed Birney were all out of this world.

It's cold and haunting in its approach of filling in the gaps of events not shown on film for us the viewers. In a strange way, I found an element of the movie to be weirdly peaceful and safe. Four people in a room, sharing honestly about their thoughts and feelings, sharing stories, anger, tears, laughter, and filling in the blanks, but still walk away with closure, with no sense of emotional humiliation.

It's not an easy movie, nor should it be. It's a movie that's painfully tragic on the cover, but beautifully alive in its spirit.

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