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Extraction (2020)

Extraction - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 05/23/20

'Extraction' is a fun popcorn action movie.... but man does it get brutal.

The best compliment I can give to this movie, besides the action scenes, was having the balls to harm or flat out kill children, which took me by surprise, but immediately got my attention.

The action scenes are the highlight of the movie, of course. I know this is a tired phrase when it comes to movies with a grand spectacle, but some of the action scenes in this movie really did feel like a video game. I think it has to do with the 11-minute-long take, camera work, and the intense detail to action set pieces that was executed wonderfully. The fight scenes and shoot outs have not been this sharp in a while.

Chris Hemsworth is a strong leading man, while also displaying some dramatic acting chops. The actor, who played the boy, was not as annoying as I thought he will be. Also, David Harbour is an absolute beast, especially next to Hemsworth.

However, it does have some problems. The main villain is so paper thin and forgettable that when the movie ends, you are not going to remember him.

I do not get why in these Hollywood action movies where foreign countries have this ugly colour palette. This movie is no different, even down to the same colour, which is muddy piss.

The movie has a plot, just a simple one. It is cliched as well, with the main character (Hemsworth) losing his son many years ago in a galaxy far far away. You've seen this trope before. Then again, the audience are not here for deep storytelling. Just give them action and they will be entertained. There is nothing wrong with that.

Overall rating: Solid entertainment, which is what we need right now, especially at this strange time of our lives.

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