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Rampage (2018)

Rampage - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/30/18

This is pure stupid and generic fluff, but I can't say I was bored watching it.

Seriously, what did you expect?

It's loud, action packed, big and ridiculous.

Dwayne Johnson is entertaining as always and the chemistry between him and George the Gorilla is very good, but some of the humor and emotional elements didn't work for me.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is literally playing Negan in this movie. He even dose the lean back and the slow tone talking. Still, he's enjoying every moment of it and easiest the most enjoyable part of the movie.

However, the scenes with Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy are really bad, because both of them can't act and inputs the fast pace. Why couldn't the infected animals be the main villains and no one else?

Overall rating: It's not a great movie or even a good one, just terribly fun. Like, there's nothing that's going to stick with me in terms of being memorable. It is what it is, I guess.

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