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Apocalypse - Movie Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 05/23/16

Apocalypse: "You follow blind leaders."

While X-Men: Apocalypse isn't quite as strong as 'Days of Future Past', with the storytelling and it's twist & turns, but it's still a solid entry in the saga. I have to admit, I was surprisingly entertained with this movie which I didn't expect going in, since I wasn't expecting much with this movie. I had more fun with this than 'Civil War', and yes, I just said that and I'm not taking it back. The movie has it's flaws but at least I never bored watching the movie.

James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner and all of the other supporting cast were all great in their roles. I felt the emotion, the depth and the unexpected humor from the characters. Now when I think about it, all of the X-men characters in this and the past movies feel like actual characters to really care for. The movies themselves feel like actual movies and not just superhero films.

Oscar Isaac is such a terrific actor and I will always look forward to his next movie. In this film, Isaac plays Apocalypse (main villain of the film) and he was a pretty decent villain. He was very menacing with his own presence that actually made him quite treating, even tho he's motivates of destroying the world has been done before many times with other villains. Apocalypse isn't terrible or a weak villain as many critics have said, but I wouldn't rank him as the best one. I mean give Oscar Isaac a break, he had to act in all that make-up on him and he did the best he could, so there's that.

Some of the CGI in the film was very noticeable in a few scenes. But the effect's are not like that all the time, as there are many cool effect's in the film that did make me go "wow".

The movie dose take awhile to get going and I don't mean it was slow or anything like that, but I couldn't really care for what's going on in the first 30 minutes. But as the movie went along it started to get going and each scene was better as it went along.

Overall: X-men: Apocalypse is a very entertaining superhero movie that has it's pros and cons. I was surprised of how much I enjoyed this movie and how engaging I was. Oh, and Quick Sliver once again steals the show with an amazing slow motion sequence that easily tops 'Days of Future Past' slow mo scene. I can already tell a lot of people are going to be mixed with this movie after seeing the audience reaction (so far), but that's just opinions.

P.S. The film itself is much better then what the critics are making it out to be. Maybe it's because of the endless amount of superhero movies that are coming every week now. 'Civil War' is still being fresh in peoples heads. I mean the movie literally came out a few weeks ago.

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