Matthew Brady's Movie Review of The Green Inferno

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The Green Inferno

Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/18/15

This is my reaction to watching The Green Inferno: o_o

Eli Roth is one crazy motherf**ker but he's also unique in a strange way. I honestly think he's trolling us as an audience and I think it's catching on, because while I do enjoy watching some of Eli Roth's films, I must admit that the movies itself are not what I call "great", and I think Eli is aware of this and he's just messing with us. And The Green Inferno isn't a good movie but as I said before it was some parts.

The acting was pretty bad, the movie tries to be funny and fails hard, the screenplay is awful and the movie dose start really slow at the beginning. It's not until there get to the tribe is where it starts to get entertaining and also shocking. I got to praise the make-up artist who did the make-up for the tribe people and the gore. It really was effective stuff and I got to give them praise for that. The gore itself is shocking and gross as I expected for a movie about a tribe filled with hungry cannibals.

Overall The Green Inferno isn't a good movie, but if you love gory movies or just want to be grossed out then this is the movie for you. But for me, I can't see myself watching the movie again.

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