Matthew Brady's Movie Review of A.I. Artificial Intelligence

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Kubrick's fairy tale
Matthew Brady - wrote on 03/07/15

I don't blame Spielberg or Kubrick for this movie. Kubrick had a version, a idea to give a fairy tale a twist but he died before he could get it to the big screen, so his long time friend Steven Spielberg tries to make the project that Kubrick couldn't do and the question that I bet was burning inside peoples head that if Kubrick directed the movie would it be spectacular, arty master peace? yes probably, but I honestly won't think it would be his best work, because if you seen the movie than you would have seen the ending and I bet you felt a bit cheated to the ending, and that was Kubrick's idea how to end the film, now imagine if he took control of the whole movie.

The movie itself was okay. The acting from everybody was fine, the visual effect's looked net at times and this isn't Spielberg's worst movie, but it's not his best.

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