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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Best acid trip ever
Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/25/15

Who known that a SpongeBob Movie produce by Nickelodeon film would actually turn out not as terrible as I thought it will just because of Nickelodeon track record of the last couple years.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water is about a very important recipe goes missing, Spongebob jumps out of 2D and into our 3D world to retrieve it. But it's not going to be easy getting it back, as a scurvy pirate stands between Spongebob and the recipe.

I remember the time when Nickelodeon was the best with are favorite programs that we use to watch and enjoy the hell out of, but after a while when all the programs was getting cancelled one by one and Nickelodeon itself was getting watered down with endless bullsh*t that we didn't want, we already sawed what was coming for Nickelodeon and now it's now known as the dropping ground of uninspiring ideas of new TV shows that wouldn't even make it to season 2 or 3. Sponge was the same it stared off great that quickly turned bland and the same recycled jokes, and the trailer to the SpongeBob movie 2 looked like Nickelodeon was scraping the barrel, but to my surprise the movie wasn't all that bad.

Let's just call the movie of what it is and that's a love letter to SpongeBob fans, only true SpongeBobs fans that loved the show back in the day when it was good and more well thought out. All the voice actors from the show do make a return to the movie and they all do good in they roles and I really don't see anyone else replacing them, because they were born to play their character's. The animation was pretty good, now in the trailer you can see the live action 3D animation well that's actually a couple minutes long in the last part, the whole movie is the good old animation that we loved in the first place.

Antonio Banderas as the villain was surprisingly enjoyable. Now normally when big names actors do these kids movie just for money and nothing else, not even trying in they role, but here is totally different I mean was Antonio Banderas actually put effort in his character and that's why his character was a enjoyable and fun villain.

For problems these a couple like: Now I talked about Antonio Banderas villain and how enjoyable he was, but his story ark and his big plan I didn't really give a care about. If you're not a fan of SpongeBob please stay away from the movie, it's not going to change your mind about the show and all that.

Overall SpongeBob the Movie 2 was good time. The movie gived me that nostalgia feeling of the 1-3 seasons of SpongeBob, as I said before I love letter to the fans.

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