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Melancholia (2011)

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/01/14

I freaking hate hand held cameras in movies, they so annoying and the beginning of this movie give me another great reason to hate them.

The story to Melancholia is about a new planet appears and threatens to collide with earth, two sisters find their fractured relationship stretched to the breaking point.

The director of this movie Lars von Trier, has been well known for making movies that critic's are mostly split about and he he's also well known for being kicked out of film festivals. Watching Lars Von Trier movies is like a back and forward relationship to me, like at times I will fall in love with his style and find his directing skills kinda neat, but at other times he water downs and drags the film along and will say to myself, "Why did you do that?". I'm not the biggest fan of his work, but I do respect the man for his directing and vision, and how he tells the story, and this movie is no different.

Melancholia is one of those films were you sit down and be amazed by the visual's and respect the effort that went into this movie, but it's not the kind of movie that I will be re-watching over and over again, and the movie isn't a fun watch if I have to be honest. This is Art house film, not a blockbuster.

Kirsten Dunst performance in this movie was Simply outstanding, groundbreaking and the best I've seen her in that isn't Spider-man or Marle Antoinette. The rest of the did fine too.

The directing in this movie is, well do I have to go on about the directing, I think I sum it all up and the beginning about the kind of directing style he is, and yes his style can be off putting at times, with the odd and kind of slow but it's building up to something kind of style that he always users in his movies, but I will not lie I always like seeing it in his films, and in this movie he dose the same and even better.

My biggest problem with this movie for me is the character's and the plot holes. The character's in the movie are not that interesting to me, even the main character of the movie is the only one that I found a little bit interesting, but everybody else in the background and supporting character's are pretty dull to watch. The movie has a few plot holes to my surprise and some unexplained things that happened during the film, which I'm fine with movies not giving my answers, and this time the film asks me and the viewers the questions, but this movie to me doesn't do it right like Justine can some how tell the future and nobody brings it up again, it's like the film is saying "She can see the future, just go with it", and to me that was a miss opportunity to show something really interesting about her character.

Overall Melancholia is a good looking movie and good film, but the movie does drag at parts and as I said about the dull character's.

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