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For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only is a mediocre film.
Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/23/14

James Bond: "And have you?" / Lisl: "Have I ever."

The story for this film is about a British spy ship sinks with an ATAC encryption device and the Russians send their own agents after it.

I've seen many Bond films that are sometimes brilliant, some of them are okay or some of them are god awful, and this movie is many not be terrible or good, but it is mediocre in my opinion.

Let's start of what I like in this film: The theme song to film (For your eyes only) I thought was the song was really good and well done as well. It's a great song if I have to be honest. Roger Moore once again did a good job in this movie, not as good as Connery but Moore still did good.

Now for my problems with the film, and boy is they a lot: The movie lost it's sense of fun in middle and the end of the movie, because the film started off strong and ended weak. The villains in the film are so boring and really bland, and let's not forget that this is a James Bond movie and that means you got to have a great, chilling or cool villain, but here we got boring villain who doesn't do anything special and we go bland sidekick in the background looking mean. The characters were just there to fill up screen time for the movie. The plot is trying and be done before in different and better films.

Overall For Your Eyes Only is a mediocre, bland Bond film.

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