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This when Spike Jonze's genius kicks in.
Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/20/14

Donald Kaufman: "What's on your mind monkey butt?."
Charlie Kaufman: "Nothing, like always".

The story is about a screenwriter and his brother try to work to gether to fulfill at least one good story. Their ordintary lives twist and turn into something that no one can even believe.

Adaptation is one of those movies that just blow my mind with it's clever writing and it's weirdly but wonderful character's. Spike Jonze knows how to tell a story, make my jaw drop and knows when to surprise me with it's twist and turns. We all like to make fun of Nicolas Cage's rage moment's and I have to admit I'm one of them who takes the mick of of him, but after seeing this movie and the film Joe that came out early this year; I came say that Cage is more than a screaming over the top actor, his actually a fantastic actor and in this movie his pure brilliant. Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper did a good job in this film as always as they are both great actors.

My only problem with the film was Meryl Streep's character, now before you flip your shit at me, let me explain why I didn't enjoy her character. She wasn't all that interesting to be honest and she kind of slowed the movie down for me. She was good in the movie, but her character could have been taken out and I wouldn't even care.

But the one important thing that I want to say and it may not be a big deal for most people but to me this movie told the perfect message and that is "Writing a story or a writing a script is hard." For every screenwriter out there can look at this and say "Yes that's me right they, trying to get a great idea out there, but how can I put it into words to make the great idea into a even more brilliant idea".

I tried to write a story once called Mark Rider: The Wanted Fugitive and I had a lots of ideas for that story, perfect and so brilliant ideas that I couldn't get it into words, and that got me mad, until I saw this movie and I saw Nicolas Cage's character (Charlie Kaufman) and that character was having the same problem that I had, and I could see myself as him in this movie.

Overall Adaptation is a well written movie that sinks it's warm and smart message into you, that you really do feel like your in the movie yourself.

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