Matthew Brady's Movie Review of Moonraker (1979)

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Moonraker (1979)

Moonraker is a straight up goofy ball
Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/15/14

James Bond in space doing goofy things and Jaws falling in love with a girl that he just met during his important mission to kill Mr. Bond. I'm sorry is this a James Bond movie or a Austin powers movie?.

The story is about Mr. Bond himself in space as the secret agent is on the trail of a missing space shuttle that leads to a plot to no less than global genocide by Hugo Drax, who has his own plans for civilization.

This has to be the most cheesiest and the most gooiest James Bond film I've seen out of them all. The visual effect's at times can looking good, but most of the times it looks out dated. I loved the character Jaws. I though he was pretty awesome in the other Bond films, but here he falls in love... wait WHAT?!.

The good things about the film: Roger Moore once again does a fine job playing Mr. Bond. The theme song was nice to listen to, even when it's not the best theme song for a James Bond film, but I still found something to like in it. And the movie may be a comedy at times with it's cheesiest, but I still enjoyed those parts of the film because it's very rare to see that in a James Bond film.

But overall Moonraker is a straight up goofy ball with a plot that goes nowhere, and a boring main villain. But the movie can be laughable but in a good way and I found some enjoyment in that.

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