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Into the Woods (2014)

Into the Woods
Camper - wrote on 01/03/15

I'm still not sure whether I liked this movie or not...It had about four decent songs out of the 20+ other songs scattered throughout, and some of them were just so random and unnecessary. If you're going to make a musical, the musical numbers should help to guide the story along, not stop it in its tracks. Also, I really wish they had cast a different girl to play Little Red Riding Hood because my god was that girl annoying. Every time she sang with that awful, grating Broadway voice I just wanted to leave the theater. Oh, and the Johnny Depp wolf song was a bit pedophile-ish.
If I have to say a few good things about this movie, the way the stories were all connected was sort of clever and that "Agony" song with Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen was pretty great. Actually, every over the top scene with Chris Pine was great, he didn't take this movie as seriously as the other actors and that was probably a good thing.
Moral of Into the Woods: If you cheat on your partner, you will be killed by a giant.

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