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Dante's peak
KingInTheNorth - wrote on 07/15/13

Possible spoilers.
My main problem with the movie is, it is far to much clich├ęd. Pierce Brosnan as a geologist who thinks that a vulcano somewhere in a town, named "Dante's Peak" will maybe awake falls is love with the divorced mayor, who has kids which can and are allowed to drive with the car and not ┬┤being older than 12. At first the town refuses to listen and, of course, the vulcano awakes.
There are so many unrealistic features in this film. Some examples.

The earthquake begins, and the other geologist tells PB that the national security can only come tomorrow. WTH? How must the call have been?
We have a vulcano exploding here. We need help!!!!
Oh, we are going to come tomorrow ok? :)
Oh, yeah that is fine.

When the earthquake begins and half the town is in ashes. our friend calls PB and tells him that things are quite bad.
f:Sorry I did not believe you.
PB: No problem.
Real dialogue from the movie.

And if that not being enough the script changes the rules of physics.
You know where this leads to. The movie is bad.

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