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Olympus Has Fallen

Only for action lovers
KingInTheNorth - wrote on 07/03/13

Well, the usual stuff, north-korean terrorists attack the White House and take the President (Aaron Eckhart), the vice-president and other important person hostage. Only a single Secret Service agent, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is still in there and tries to get the president -with some help of the army generals and Mr. Speaker (MORGAN FREEMAN)- out of there...

This is an over-the-top action movie, it really is. No thinking. No asking. No "Is that even possible?"
And I dislike them. In my opinion they are wasted time. All the time the same, shooting, fist-fighting, often using the f-word and ,especially in this movie, the patriotism of AMERICA! I, as non-american hat to see that.
The acting of this movie was good. Butler, Eckhart, Freeman that's a good cast. The script was O.K. but not extraordinary or anything. A Thing I didn't like was how completely serious it was written, some jokes which were funny, but on the whole it is so serious, as it could really happen and that is very unlikely. A thing I liked was the character of Mike Banning. He was very well written, had a good origin and was "humanly".

Still, I think action lovers will love this movie, but ´the others(that includes me) won't.

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