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The Fly II

Be Afraid..I suppose
Chris Hadges - wrote on 07/05/08

Ok, before I get started on The Fly 2, bear in mind that this is not based on comparison to the Cronenberg masterpiece, but rather how the film The Fly 2 stands on its own. It opens up with a very graphic birth of Martin Brundle, who has many complications, and the death of Veronic Quaife(formerly played by Geena Davis). Martin Brundle ages extremely quickly and by the age of five he looks as if he's thirty. He is also a genius. The general plot of the movie is that his new father who adopted him is using him solely to follow his father's footsteps both in making teleportation possible and in becoming terribly mutated. It seems that he is interested in both experementing on him and in displaying to the public. Anyway, the movie seemed to start out pretty interesting and I was glad to see that Jeff Goldblum showed up in some tapes that Martin Brundle found, but all in all, this movie is a close miss. There is so much potential in this movie and I really hate to bring it down because I did enjoy watching it, but its really not that good. The effects surprisingly aren't as good as the original remake(1986) in the deformed human stage, and the giant fly at the end doesn't really look a thing like a fly, but rather two big eyes and a bunch of "parts" sticking out. It is really hard to judge this movie because of the Cronenberg rendition. Maybe the effects wouldn't seem so cheap if there wasn't an incredible predecessor, or maybe the story would seem stronger with a different title. But anyway, this was not a "good" movie, just entertaining to watch I suppose...

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