Chris Hadges's Movie Review of Wristcutters: A Love Story

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Wristcutters: A Love Story

Tom Waits..need more be said?
Chris Hadges - wrote on 07/04/08

Wristcutters gets off with an excellent opening scene. Zia, the main character, is killing himself while listening to Tom Waits' 'Dead and Lovely.' The fact that Tom Waits is in this movie and that his music is being played really puts me in a very biased position. I think regardless of the quality of the movie it's worth checking out solely for those two facts. But anyway, the movie is about the afterlife for those who kill themselves, hence the title wristcutters. The basic story is about two guys, one being Zia and the other being Eugene, helping a girl that they met, Mikal, find the "people in charge" to help her get back to normal life because she didn't really "kill" herself. All in all its a pretty cliche love story that is based in a very interesting environment with a lot of "chuckles" here and there. If you're looking for a light romantic comedy this would be a great film to watch. There's nothing groundbreaking in this film, or anything that would leave you speechless or emotionally spent..but Tom Waits is part of that should be reason enough to go out and check it out.

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