Snoogans's Movie Review of Rush (2013)

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Rush (2013)

A Formula for Speed
Snoogans - wrote on 09/30/13

'Rush' is a terrifically directed and well acted dramatic biographical film. Director Howard creates a sense of danger in each high-speed race, by way of creative camera placement and editing, that puts the audience in the driver's perspective. Most will find it hard to not tense up at certain moments. The film does sustain it's momentum between races as well. Much information is related about the sport of formula one. But the meat of the story belongs with the famous rivalry. All of the actors are believable, with the standout being Bruhl. His performance seemed the most immersive to me. The narrative contains my only real problem with the film. Besides the predictable nature of the genre being present, there were too many moments in which it felt the film was reminding me of the progress of the story, as if I couldn't pick up on the reasonings behind the initial rivalry and certain plot points. That was just a tad annoying.

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