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The Spectacular Now

A modest spectacle.
memento_mori - wrote on 12/25/13

If you have been in love, you will probably find yourself smirking at the sight of this movie. Because it understands the story of love as well.
I've always been keen on watching independent romance films, because they tend to be the exact opposite of the shallow rom-coms in the mainstream of today (examples: The Ugly Truth, Good Luck Chuck, etc.), and The Spectacular Now is no exception.

The Spectacular Now is one of the most heartfelt and humanly influential films I've seen all year.
As much as its characters thrive to be mature, the whole movie succeeds in showing the deepest levels of maturity.
Shailene Woodley is a great new talent, I'm sure, she may win some awards if she keep going on the same route as The Descendants and now this film.
She embodies the slightly introverted girl who draws and does nothing mainstream character perfectly. Every line is so authentically delivered that it almost feels like a real relationship this girl is enduring with Miles Teller. By the way, since when could he act, because he is phenomenal. And for that matter, I don't think there is not one weak performance in the entire cast.

The direction works like one of those panorama photograph montages that spin through the greatest of memories, only better. Director James Ponsoldt has slipped under the radar amongst the general viewing audience, but his talent is clear.
I loved the tone and structure of it all, not a single boring moment is to be found in the incredibly entertaining on-screen relationship.

Enough has been said already.
Although the ending may have contained one shot too many, the screenplay is an almost perfect overview of a human character who doesn't know what to do with his life, who instead lives in 'the now'.
I think everyone who is just graduating high school or hasn't thought about their life in a while should watch this film, because the strongest thing it guarantees is definitely perspective.

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