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Pulp Fiction

You won't know the facts until you see the fiction
memento_mori - wrote on 09/13/13

When people ask me what my favorite film is, I always answer Pulp Fiction. Because there has never been a doubt in my mind that my favorite motion picture of all time is Pulp Fiction. The part where I rather hesitate is where they ask me why it's my favorite.
To me, no film is perfect. But if there is a film that comes pretty damn close to perfect, it's Pulp Fiction. It's in part quality and in part nostalgia and personal relation that make me love this film, to put it briefly.
This movie just contains every single aspect of filmmaking that I want to see in a film. It's like a movie made for me, because every single scene, every single shot, even every single line of dialogue is a masterpiece in my mind.

Quentin Tarantino's signature style comes complete with the expressive tools of character, dialogue and cinematography. There are dull directors, there are distinguishable directors and then there's Quentin Tarantino.
From his tracking shots to the coffee shops and Big Kahuna Burger to 70's music, his films (especially PF) are so filled with referential humor and great homages to the point of being bloated, which gives his films an unbelievable quality of 'I don't care'. He is a truly passionate filmmaker, one of the few still out there today.
I just don't know what was going through his head when he wrote such infamous scenes as the sodomy in Maynard's store's basement, and how he managed to make it iconic.

Pretty much every line in this film is quotable. Or at least memorable. I'm quite sure everyone has at least heard of hit man Jules Winnfield's Ezekiel 25:17 speech.
The synchronicity of certain shots is quite evident when the cinematography is so rich in tracking endless tracking shots and

Just as I cannot fully explain my love for film, I will also never be able to fully explain my intense love for Pulp Fiction. No matter how fancy or deep the phrases I write may seem, it will still not be enough praise for this film. It's a self-explanatory film.
It's a crime-orientated, absurd, self-aware, crude, philosophical and pulpy film. It's a masterful, hilarious work of writing and a personal, factual as well as fictitious film. It's pulp and fiction. Two of the greatest things cinema will ever know.

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