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What's the matter? Never taken a shortcut before?
memento_mori - wrote on 07/26/13

So, since The World's End is released in cinemas this week, O thought I would talk about one of my favorite director's and his awesome first film: Shaun of the Dead.

Who thought that the Three Flavors Cornetto movies would climax as one of the best trilogies of our time? That's right, I loved the World's End, but more about that later.

Shaun of the Dead mocks just about everything. Britain, tea, room mates, pubs, beer, relationships, zombies and the zombie apocalypse.
There is not a minute in this movie that goes by without some form of incorporated comedy, mainly due to the acting by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and the direction by Edgar Wright.
These guys know how to make a movie everyone will enjoy. The movie is full of inside jokes which makes it compatible with comedy lovers' expectations. You will not be disappointed with the excellent English humor in this film.
I keep praising the comedy in this movie, but it's just so excellently crafted; a genuinely good comedy is very hard to make, especially with another genre (zombies) to mix in.
I was baffled by the acting in this movie. Simon Pegg is an incredible comedic actor and an incredible dramatic actor. His two passions blend so enjoyably in this movie that you learn to love Shaun, with all his faults.
I was never bored, because there's barely anything setting this movie back. Its pacing makes it feels like it is constantly moving. It has so many little jokes that you don't notice on the first watch, repeat viewings are required.
That's another thing: Rewatchability (if that is a word). It doesn't tire you. It has you on the hook for the entirety of the film. And it doesn't let go until the end credits roll.

It's a movie that you can pay ten dollars for and say: You know what? That was worth ten dollars.
It always leaves a smile on my face and satisfies my love for drama. It surprises me around every corner and the excellent, yet difficult blend of horror and comedy makes me love it even more.

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