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The Breakfast Club

The best high school movie of all time.
memento_mori - wrote on 07/15/13

This movie is a feature of the typical high school stereotypes. The Brain, the Basket Case, The Athlete, the Princess and the Criminal. One might find the premise to be a repeat of every other high school movie, but where this movie sets different sails is the relationship between these individuals when they are confronted with all-day detention.
Whenever I finish a John Hughes movie, I get a warm feeling in my stomach of a mixture of feel-good, comedy, realism and satisfaction in general. And The Breakfast Club is no exception.
I adore every single bit of it. The characters are so relatable (even the supervisor Dick Vernon), the dialogue is quick and funny, the music sets the tone and it does a phenomenal job of maintaining a feeling of fun, even during the darker scenes.
There's really not much to say, other than: It is a must-see high school movie.

The actors (like in all John Hughes movies) do an exceptional job of displaying emotion, angst and the need to fit in. Everything the characters go through is well-perceived and believable.

It has a wonderful sense to it, that makes it timeless. Social anxiety will always be around, prejudice and sorting of students (Athletes, Criminals, Prom Queens) will always be around, and I can contribute to the fact that what is shown here is very real.

A movie that always does something for me when I'm down. The message it sends gives me a tad of hope, that we can choose our friends for ourselves and don't need to feel obligated to make the choices that are expected of us.

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