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Fargo (1996)

A ridiculous anecdote of misdeed in the winter.
memento_mori - wrote on 07/10/13

Fargo is a trophy of 90's Coen Bros. filmmaking. Admittedly, there are a few pointless scenes and the climax for me is a little underwhelming, but that doesn't give the film a reason to be bad, because every scene is better than the last.

It has the most unusual pair of characters, but for some reason they work well off each other, even if they don't share a scene together. A criminal duo, a terrible (TERRIBLE!) husband, pregnant police chief, where else do you see that?
Frances McDormand deserved her Oscar here, without a doubt. She is funny, she is convincing, she basically defines a woman from the north with her sing-song accent and jolly expressions. Priceless.

The music by Carter Burwell feels majestic. It's like you're being wrapped in a warm blanket.
Even the direction that didn't need to be outstanding, was. The production design and the wide-angle views spanning landscapes layered with snow were so beautiful and had that quirky Coens characteristic.

To a certain extent, I can't even express why I love it so much, I just do. Everything works, because that's what the Coens do best. Entertain everybody. There's a little bit of everything in their works, because their scripts are loaded!
If I had to watch one movie just before I died, it would be Fargo.

I have to admit, there are a few pointless scenes in this movie, although entertaining. They just didn't add to the story. Mike Yanagita, while funny, was a very awkward and uninteresting character that completely derailed from the plot. It still irks me to this day.

Together with great dialogue, over-the-top violence, outstanding visual direction and set design, acting cast, music, absurdly-written characters and an overall feeling of comfort from northern USA, Fargo is basically the go-to movie if you're bored. Just saying.

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