memento_mori's Movie Review of ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

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ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

A classic for children
memento_mori - wrote on 06/13/13

Possible Spoilers

Spielberg is a master of cinema. There's no doubt. He can always top himself, and when he doesn't, he makes a damn good movie.
Henry Thomas is officially my favorite child actor of all time (not working today). The amount of emotion and genuine reactions the children in this film part is incredible. Thomas made Spielberg at the audition cry, and he cried again when ET (a plastic prop) in the movie parted.
The whole movie depends on the performances of the children, and they are all perfectly casted, which just proves to show even more that Steven Spielberg is a cinematic genius in his own right.
There are so many iconic scenes in this film, such as the finer to finger touch, Elliott flying on his bike, the gang racing around a construction site and they all manage to capture childhood gold.

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