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Strangers on a Train

A perfect murder?
Gabe - wrote on 02/24/13

The central plot of people doing someone else's killing is pure Hitchcock and I believe it holds up quite well today. However, this film is does feel dated, unlike the other Hitchcock classics, Psycho, Vertigo, etc...I feel that this film is just a hair below those others.

The movie drug on just a little too long. There's no way that real police officers would just let their top suspect go, but then again, I don't know why they were following him in the first place if they had no real evidence against him. Also, the fact that they never even felt the need to question Bruno bothered me.

I don't think I've ever recommended something to be re-made, but this film I think could be done even better. I know that sounds like sacrilege, because this is Hitchcock that we're talking about, but i just never believed the "lighter" part of the plot. But, now you could throw a cell phone with photos or video on it, and they must stop it from going public, I don't, just a thought.

Anyway, a good film, but not one of Hitchcock's best.

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