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The Matrix

Just one time isn't enough
lmlewis517 - wrote on 06/22/08

Most of us live our humdrum lives walking through nothing much more than the average, everyday campings of our neighbors, friends, and those that call themselves "smart". Mr. Anderson (Neo) is not much different. He finds himself scraping by life and doing whatever he could to make his life exciting. Sound familiar? Maybe that's just my life. Maybe it's all our lives. In either case, the Matrix outlines the tough every-man situation presented to Anderson and how he, like all of us, has some special meaning in his existence. Eventhough he's only one of a million, billion people, his purpose through life mirrors that of a deity's tale. Key scenes to watch: why's Neo so focused on the ship's plaque, how many shots does it take to eliminate the "agents", and what's going on between Neo and Trinity when they first enter the building? You'll be surprised how much you pickup on the rewatch!

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