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Eagle Eye

LeopardExplosion - wrote on 09/27/08

Once this movie starts it intrigues you, yeah, the first 20 minutes or so. For the rest of the film the plot is tossed back and forth for so long that you suddenly lose interest, not only that, but your completely lost. Maybe I'll be on the fence with Eagle Eye, I'll understand some people will like it, but not me, if you understand the importance of good storyline and plot construction that maintains some sense, then you will probably walk out of Eagle Eye, but the surprises and twists in the movie keep you interested, though it still doesn't improve. The movie is full of absolutely ridiculous action sequences that are frankly just plain stupid. Seems the movie was directed by a 9 year old into flashy lights. Because when the action packed scenes deliver, Most of it is Billy Bob's face jumping up and down across the screen. If the camera was held still, just for a second, the quality of the movie would've picked up .5 stars.

As I was saying. Ridiculous Action Scenes i.e Plane gliding through street tunnel, garbage machines with giant arms throwing mashed up garbage at police cars, i couldn't understand what was going on.

For people with low standards for movies this day, and overall crappy taste in film, hey, you'll probably enjoy. If not, then you'll mutter the same words i did walking out of the theatre.

"F**king riduculous."

FINAL SCORE :::: 22% ::::

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