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Hamlet 2

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LeopardExplosion - wrote on 08/27/08

I had huge expectations for this movie. Well, i knew it would fall short, NOT SAYING THAT IT DID, but maybe not huge expecation, more like, I was hugely excited for the movie. It seemed well done in trailers and previews, like Tropic Thunder, but Tropic Thunder just didn't live up. Hamlet 2 lived up, but didn't exceed any of my expectations.

Above Average? Somewhat? Amazing. No.

Though lots of critics are loving it, I actually might just prefer this over Tropic Thunder. I mean not many mentionables here. The Acting is sub-par. Steve Coogan does a good job, but the rest was just bad. From David Arquette to teen actors playing high school students, acting wasn't strong. Besides, with all the screenplay Arquette had, He spent most of the time standing in the background while Steve Coogan's character, converses with his wife in the movie. Very poor on his end.

Besides that, The movie lived up to my hype. Just didn't exceed anything.
Nothing Incredible. I wouldn't say I LOVE it like most movie critics are praising as the movie releases. But for now, on a first viewing, it get's a 'pretty good.'

But after thourough thinking and re-considering, even re-viewing, surely my favourite comedy of the year so far.

Yes. Better Than Tropic Thunder. Just depends on your taste in humor.

FINAL SCORE :::: 67% ::::

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