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Overnight (2004)

The Process of Film Making & Human Behavior
Ghost Seed - wrote on 09/16/08

It is amazing that this footage was captured. Overnight documents the process of a man given the chance to be blessed with success and what can happen if you are undeserving of it.

It is almost like studying the behavior of another life form. That a human could be so bullishly arrogant, arrogant to the point of complete stupidity, is astounding.

Duffy is an ill-mannered man enveloped in his own world in which he is the messiah, and no one else - loved ones, friends, seasoned professionals (in which ever medium he is trying to conquer at that time) can get a word in edgewise. He is unwilling to share credit, unwilling to compromise, makes no attempt to professionally or even courteously, arrange deals and do business. All of this is bad enough, but factor in his treatment of his family, his gluttonous drinking, and chain smoking, and it becomes clear that this is a being of pure self-destruction. He is, in essence, a Neanderthal who conjured up one interesting idea...and we get to witness it being squandered.

There are moments I was compelled to shout at the screen "You idiot!! What the hell are you doing!?" as I watched him torch his entire world, angry rant after angry rant.

It can be looked at as a "What NOT to do" for those looking to enter the complex business of film making, if you can stomach your way through it.

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