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White House Down

Stupid, but fun
Looneymanthegreat - wrote on 06/30/13

Words cannot describe how stupid Roland Emerich is; they also cannot describe how brilliant he is. All of his movies are silly, brainless and overly sentimental, often to hilarious lengths; but the kinetic energy of his action sequences, the flow of the plot over all and the performances he gets from his actors make every movie he directs an entertaining rush of fun energy. I cannot, with clean conscious, recommend any of Emerich's movies to anyone, yet I own almost all of them on DVD and have seen 2012 more times then Citizen Kane. Roland Emerich is like KFC’s Double Down sandwich, it’s disgusting and absolutely delicious at the same time.

White House Down, Emerich’s latest, is the second White House invasion movie to come out this year, the other one was Olympus has Fallen which came out in March, and White House Down is pretty much a straight up remake of that movie, not just in the overall premise, but in many of the details as well. Sure there are little differences, but this is closer to a remake of “Olympus” then Evil Dead was to its 1980’s counterpart.

Just like Olympus has Fallen, White House Down has a bunch of stupid stuff in it. Jamie Foxx portrays the president as black Jesus; he can do no wrong, and at the end of the movie, despite the fact it has little to with the plot, he succeeds at creating world piece. There are bafflingly dumb moments like that through out the film, and many of them are unintentionally hilarious.

If you are a guilty Roland Emerich junky like myself or if you don’t mind a stupid plot if things explode, then this is a must see; if you are the rest of the world, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to pass.

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